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Health Check: five supplements that may help with depression | IFLScience

I was tagged by @_fatandfabulous …

1.)Nat or Nattatat, red headed hellion
3.)Some variation of red lol
4.)I love to cook
5.)Purple and teal
6.) San Francisco, or anywhere near water
7.) This changes a lot, but currently im loving Meghan Trainor. (Because im all about that bass…😄🎶🎵🎤) oh and Ellie Goulding
8.)Cats, and I cant help it I love sloths and mini pigs. I want a mini pig and will name it bacon bit, P. BITTY for short.
9.) Currently “boom clap” by Charlie XCX
10.) Its been a long time since I’ve read a book or a series. My life has mostly been scientific journals, cook books, articles and blog posts. Anyone have any recommendations?

Marinated pork chop with garlic, Italian herbs, balsamic vinegar, brown sugar, spicy mustard, Worcester, onions, grilled mixed vegetables including red potatoes, zucchini, carrots, red pepper and onion, and a side salad with cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and feta in a Romano Caesar dressing. #cookingwithnat #natscurvycorner #chef #salad #food #foodporn #nomnomnom #delish #lean #healthy #nutrition

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